Puppy Register

The Club runs a puppy register to help members sell their puppies and to provide the public with a list of puppies bred by reputable breeders.

The parents of the puppies must have current eye certificates and have been Hip scored .




Do you want to buy a puppy ?

If you are considering buying a Labrador Puppy you can obtain a list of puppies for sale by contacting the Puppy Register Co-ordinator

Mrs Julia Lewis

Telephone : 01484 680123
mobile 07774 244051

Puppy Purchase Advice

Information on Hip & Eye test

Do you want to sell your Puppies ?


If you are a member and would like to put puppies on the register please download, print and complete the puppy register form and send to the Puppy Register Co-ordinator

Puppy Sales Register Form


Older labradors

Sometimes members have an older labrador, not a puppy, who needs a home.

This could be because the dog is not quite good enough for showing or competing in field trials. Also circumstances may change in the home the dog has been in since a puppy and it has been returned to the breeder to find a new home.

If you feel you can offer a home to an older labrador please contact Julia Lewis the puppy register co-ordinator.